Hanford Advisory Board
Outgoing Board Correspondence

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David Borak Changes to HAB Operating Ground Rules re: HAB Leadership Term Limits.
Kevin Smith WTP White paper
Kevin Smith Cesium White Paper
04/14/16 Stacy Charboneau, Dennis Faulk ERDF Vertical Expansion
02/04/16 Stacy Charboneau, Dennis Faulk PW 1/3/6 Operable Units
02/04/16 Monica Regalbuto Discontinue funding for CRESP studies from Hanford cleanup dollars
02/04/16 Jane Hedges Appreciation
11/05/15 Kevin Smith Worker Safety and Communication Restrictions
09/10/15 Stacy Charboneau, John Ciucci PFP Commendation
08/20/15 Stacy Charboneau, Jane Hedges, Dennis Faulk M-091 Public Comment Period Extension Request
11/06/14 Mark Whitney CRESP Methodology for the Hanford Site-wide Risk Review Project
06/05/14 Matt McCormick Appreciation
03/07/14 David Huizenga Hanford Advisory Board Diversity and Effectiveness
02/19/14 Kevin Smith, Matt McCormick, Dennis Faulk, and Jane Hedges Tri-Party Agreement (TPA) Milestones and Program/Budget Restraints
10/04/13 Kevin Smith, Matt McCormick, and Jane Hedges 100-N Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study and Proposed Plan Draft A and Committee Based Round-Robin Activities
06/07/13 Kevin Smith, Matt McCormick, Dennis Faulk and Jane Hedges Board Diversity and Other Effectiveness Issues
12/20/12 David Huizenga, Scott Samuelson, and Matt McCormick Tank Closure and Waste Management Final Environmental Impact Statement (TC&WM FEIS)
David Huizenga, Scott Samuelson, Matt McCormick, Dennis Faulk and Jane Hedges HAB Values White Paper
09/07/12 Scott Samuelson, Matt McCormick Preservation of Historical Properties and Artifacts
09/07/12 Matt McCormick, Dennis Faulk 200 West Groundwater Treatment Facility
09/07/12 Matt McCormick, Dennis Faulk 200-UP1 Proposed Plan Rev 0
02/23/12 Ms. Amy Legare, NRRB Chair Submittal to National Remedy Review Board
02/10/12 Matt McCormick, Dennis Faulk & Jane Hedges PW 1,3,6 and CW-5 Record of Decision
08/15/11 John Morse, Margo Voogd, Marty Doornbos & Sonya Johnson Deep Vadose Zone Preliminary Technology Information Exchange Appreciation
08/02/11 EM Consolidated Business Center Office of Environmental Management Draft Request for Proposal for Occupational Medical Services Hanford, Washington
07/18/11 Ines Triay Appreciation
06/03/11 Jane Hedges Request to Review Draft Washington State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA) documents
03/02/11 Jonathan Dowell, Matt McCormick Request for DOE to Support Non-Union, Non-Management Seats on the Hanford Advisory Board
02/11/11 DOE – Office of Health, Safety and Security Comments to Chronic Beryllium Disease Prevention Program Proposed Rule Changes
06/04/10 Ines Triay Department of Energy Richland Operations Manager Recommendations
Ms. Burandt Tank Closure and Waste Management Environmental Impact Statement Comments
02/05/10 Dave Brockman, Shirley Olinger DOE's Response to HAB Beryllium Advice #217 and #218
06/05/09 Dave Brockman System Engineering Criteria
04/03/09 Dave Brockman, Shirley Olinger Appreciation Letter
02/06/09 Shirley Olinger, Dave Brockman, Jay Manning & Elin Miller Institutional Controls and their Impact on the Long Term Stewardship of the Hanford Site
09/05/08 Dave Brockman HAB Charter Discussion
09/05/08a Dave Brockman HAB Sounding Board
06/06/08 Dave Brockman HAB Fiscal Year (FY) 2010 Budget
04/04/08 Dave Brockman Remedial Action Plan for the Operable Unit 200-ZP-1
02/08/08 James Rispoli Hanford Cleanup Baselines and Lifecycle Cost and Schedule Report
2008O-02 and 2008O-03 are "intentionally left blank"
11/02/07 Ines Triay Improved Openness & Transparency in Budget & Baseline Development
09/07/07 Dave Brockman Comments on the Draft Risk Assessment Report for the 100 Area and 300 Area Component of the River Corridor Baseline Risk Assessment (RCBRA)
09/07/07 Dave Brockman and Shirley Olinger Groundwater and Vadose Zone Management Strategy
06/06/07 Mike Weis, Elin Miller & Con Murphy K East Basin Sludge Removal
04/06/07 Keith Klein Appreciation
04/06/07 Roy Schepens Appreciation
04/06/07 Keith Klein & Roy Schepens Multi-Tier Pension & Benefits Program


















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