Tri-Party Agreement
List of Approved Changes
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M-16-15-02  02/02/2015  Federal Facility and Consent Order Change Control Form Extend Due Date of Tri Party Agreement Interim Milestone M-016-149 to March 16 2016 
M-83-15-01   03/31/2015  Modify facility disposition activities of milestone M-083-44 to reflect a safer, more efficient sequence of transitioning the above-grade portions of the PFP facilities to deactivation and demolition. 
M-45-15-02  04/14/2015  Revise Milestone M-045-62 due date for submittal of the Corrective Measures Implementation Plan for Waste Management Area C 
M-16-15-03  05/07/2015  Federal Facility Agreement and Consent Order Change Control Form Extend Milestone Due Dates and Add New Interim Milestone for the Removal of Sludge from the 105kw Basin and for Completing 100k Area Remediation Activities 
M-93-15-01  05/07/2015  Federal Facility Agreement and Consent Order Change Control Form Extend the Due Dates for TPA Milestones M-093-27 and M-093-28 
P-09-15-02  05/11/2015  Add the Temporary Waste Transfer Line Management Plan, RPP-12711 to Tri-Party Agreement (TPA) Action Plan Section 9, Table 9-1 as a TPA Primary Document 
M-16-15-05  07/06/2015  Extend Milestones M-016-190 Due Date for the Installation of 200-Up-1 Extraction and Injection Wells 
M-24-15-01  07/27/2015  Groundwater Protection Monitoring and Remediation Well Installation Priority List update through CY 2018 including a new TPA Interim Milestone 
E-15-01  08/05/2015  Update Appendix E Contact Information 
C-15-01  08/18/2015  Update 200-WA-1 Operable Unit Waste Unit Listing in TPA Appendix C