TPA Changes
TPA Changes
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M-15-17-01  02/02/2017  Extension of Interim Milestones M-015-99 Complete remedial investigation of PFP related waste sites located in 200-WA-1 in accordance with the 200-WA-1 and 200-BC-1 Rl/FS Work Plan, and M-15-91B Submit Feasibility Study Report(s) and Proposed Plan(s) for the 200-BC-1 and 200-WA-1 operable units (200 West Inner Area) to EPA and add Interim Milestone M-015-84 Complete remedial investigation of 200-WA-1 and 200-BC-1 operable unit waste sites in accordance with the 200-WA-1 and 200-BC-1 RI/FS Work Plan.  
M-16-16-05  02/16/2017  Extension of Interim Milestones M-016-193 by One Year 
C-17-01  03/03/2017  200-CP-1 Operable Unit Waste Site Assignment and Reassignment in Appendix C 
C-16-02  03/07/2017  Assignment of Waste Sites to the 200-EA-1, 200-IS-1, and 200-CP-1 Operable Units in the Tri-Party Agreement (TPA) Appendix C 
M-16-17-01  03/30/2017  Waste Site Schedule per Action Memoranda and Addition of Interim Milestone 
M-45-16-01  03/30/2017  Modify M-045 Closure Milestones for WMA C Closure 
C-17-02  04/24/2017  Waste Site Assignment and Reassignments to the 200-CB-1 and 200-CP-1 Operable Unit in Appendix C 
C-17-04  04/24/2017  Waste Site Assignment to the 200-IS-1 Operable Unit in Appendix C 
M-15-17-02  06/19/2017  Extension of Interim Milestone M-015-92A 
M-24-17-01  06/20/2017  Groundwater Protection, Monitoring, and Remediation Well Installation Priority List Update Through CY2020, Including New Interim Milestone and Target Date