Tri-Party Agreement
List of Approved Changes
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B-13-01  02/04/2014  Delete treatment by generator footnote in Action Plan Appendix B 
F-13-01  04/28/2014  Modifications to Hanford Federal Facility Agreement and Consent Order (HFFACO) Appendix F Supporting Technical Plans and Procedures 
M-92-14-01  06/04/2014  Federal Facility Agreement and Consent Order Change Control Form 
M-47-14-01  07/14/2014  Move Due Date for TPA Milestone M-047-07 
M-90-14-01  07/14/2014  Move Due Date for TPA Milestone M-090-13 
M-15-14-01  07/17/2014  Extend Milestone due date for interim TPA Milestone M-015-38B 
M-15-14-02  07/22/2014  Extend the due date for TPA Interm Milestone M-015-113, "Submit Draft B, 200-SW-2 Radioactive Landfills Group RFI/CMS/RI/FS Work Plan to Ecology, including a schedule of completion dates for major tasks and deliverables" 
C-14-01  07/30/2014  Update 200 Area Operable Unit Waste Unit Listings in TPA Appendix C. 
M-24-14-01   07/30/2014  Groundwater Protection, Monitoring and Remediation Well Installation Priority List Update Through CY 2017, including a new TPA Interm Milestone. 
M-62-14-01   08/12/2014  Deletion of TPA Milestone M-062-40ZZ, the One-Time Hanford Tank Waste Supplemental Treatment Technologies Report 
M-45-14-02  09/18/2014  Removal of IQRPE certification requirement for milestone M-045-91G summary report 
M-45-14-03  10/01/2014  Modification of TPA milestone M-045-61 into two separate milestones