NEPA - Environmental Assessments


Environmental Assessment  (EA) for Proposed Conveyance of Land at the Hanford Site



Public Comment Period - July 13 to August 12, 2015


Public Scoping Period - September 19 to October 19, 2012


Environmental Assessment for Expansion of Borrow Areas on the Hanford Site (DOE/EA-1934)


Environmental Assessment for the Deactivation of N-Reactor (DOE/EA-0984)


 Disposal of Decommissioned, Defueled Naval Reactor Plants from USS Enterprise (cvn 65)


Closure of Nonradioactive Dangerous Waste Landfill and Solid Waste Landfill (DOE/EA-1707)













  • Expansion of the Volpentest Hazardous Materials Management and Emergency Response Training and Education Center, Hanford Site, Richland, WA (DOE/EA-1412)
    Environmental Assessment (PDF)



























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