Hanford Site Tours
Hanford Site Tours
The Hanford Site is a very unique place offering a number of tours for members of the public, elected officials and their staffs, tribal officials, stakeholders, and others. A list of Hanford tours is shown below, along with links to register for the public tour or to contact us for more information about a VIP/special interest tour.
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Hanford Site Cleanup Tour Program
This 4½ hour tour offers visitors a chance to see a wide range of areas at Hanford. Visitors will be guided through the Hanford Site to learn about Hanford’s environmental cleanup efforts, projects, and facility operations.
Hanford Site VIP Tours
Hanford Tours for GoWashington Closure Hanford President Chuck Spencer, foreground, briefs Assistant Secretary for Environmental Management Ines Triay, left, Secretary of Energy Dr. Steven Chu, center, and U.S. Sen. Maria Cantwell, right, during the Secretary’s visit to Hanford’s N Reactor on Aug. 11, 2009.vernmental Officials
Tours of Hanford provide elected or appointed leaders, governmental officials, and representatives from regulatory agencies with critical information to make informed budgetary and legislative decisions on Hanford’s cleanup mission. Each tour is crafted to provide the visitors with an agenda which best fits their areas of interest.
Contact Information:  Hanford Tours for Governmental Officials
Hanford Tours for Native American Tribal Leaders
The Department of Energy has a government-to-government working relationship with the Nez Perce, Umatilla, Wanapum, and Yakama Tribal Nations. Tour agendas are developed to provide tribal officials with visits to address specific areas of interest.
Contact Information:  Hanford Tours for Tribal Affairs
Private Tours of Hanford
A limited number of private tours are available to agencies, organizations, and individuals whose work scope directly involves activities associated with Site cleanup.  Each tour request is evaluated individually to determine if the requesting group satisfies the required criteria. Due to the high volume of requests for private Site tours, we are unable to accommodate every request that is received.
Contact Information:  Hanford Private Tours
Media Tours of Hanford
Tours of Hanford’s cleanup projects and historic sites for media representatives are scheduled periodically. Members of the media interested in taking a tour or learning more about Hanford can click on the link below, or visit our newsroom link on the Site’s welcome page for more information.
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