Hanford Site Tours
Media Tours of Hanford
Reporters assigned to cover Hanford are also invited to tour the Site as a way to help familiarize themselves with the activities taking place. Reporters will be paired with a member of the DOE media relations staff during the tour so as to provide information about the various facilities as well as a historical briefing and a look into what the future holds for Hanford. 
 K Basins Meida
In considering a tour, remember that the Hanford Site consists of more than 580 square miles and a majority of the facilities are located between thirty minutes and an hour from downtown Richland. There is a lot of drive time between cleanup projects and many facilities require a lot of time to tour as well. You should plan for a Hanford tour to take a minimum of three hours and substantially more if your group is interested in touring and hearing presentations at several projects during the same visit.
The Office of River Protection (DOE-ORP) is the agency overseeing the construction of Hanford’s Waste Treatment (Vitrification) Plant and is responsible for the storage, retrieval, treatment, and disposal of Hanford’s tank waste. For tours of only those facilities contact:
  • Carrie Meyer, DOE-ORP Communications, at 509.372.0810
The Richland Operations Office at Hanford (DOE-RL) has the lead in coordinating a majority of Site tours. DOE-RL can arrange for Site tours involving visits to projects which are overseen by RL and ORP. For Site-wide tours contact:
  • Geoff Tyree, DOE-RL Communications, at 509.376.4171, or

  • Cameron Hardy, DOE-RL Communications, at 509.376.5365





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