Office of River Protection
Message from the Manager

Welcome to our newly redesigned Website!

'Kevin Smith - Manager, Office of River Protection'

Kevin Smith
Manager, Office of River Protection

We hope that this new redesign will make it easier to access the information about the important work we are doing to protect the Columbia River, the communities surrounding the Hanford site and the country as a whole.

Our Office of River Protection mission is to maintain Hanford's legacy tank waste safely and securely until we are able to immobilize that waste for long-term storage. The Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant, which is being designed and constructed for us by Bechtel National Inc., will vitrify the tank waste, basically mixing it with glass-forming agents, and the resulting mixture will be stored in steel containers.

This is a complex task, one that has never been done to this scale anywhere in the world.  We have a workforce of professionals in our federal and contractor staffs who are all dedicated to this mission, as well as support from experts in the Department of Energy, industry, National Laboratories, and academia who will help us work through the remaining technical issues so that we do this job quickly and in the safest manner possible.

So, please explore the functionality of the new design and familiarize yourself with all that is ongoing.   Check back often, as we will make frequent information updates, and don’t hesitate to send your comments through our "contact us"  which is also our feedback link.  We look forward to hearing from you about the Website, suggestions for improvement, or the work we’re doing for DOE.

Last Updated 07/30/2017 2:13 PM