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February 2011 - Revision 16 of the Hanford Site Solid Waste Acceptance Criteria

  • A Revision of the Hanford Site Solid Waste Acceptance Criteria has been released. The document can be found on the Acceptance Criteria page.
  • Waste packages (55 gallon or larger) or bulk waste shipments are exempt from criticality safety controls and fissile labeling at all TSD units if the fissile gram equivalent (FGE) for the contained fissionable material is less than 15 FGE.
  • Hyperlinks were provided for several documents in the reference sections of HNF-EP-0063 Revision 16.
  • All waste received for acceptance at the Solid Waste Operations Complex (SWOC) facilities will be disposal ready; meeting all applicable Federal and State land disposal restrictions (LDR) requirements, radiological stabilization requirements (GTC1 wastes and mobile radionuclides), 90 percent full requirements, and meeting the 50 per square inch (psi) compaction criteria for the disposal trenches.
  • It is expected that all low level waste/mixed low level waste (LLW/MLLW) with a disposition path will have received treatment if required and shipped for final disposition. 




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