Hanford Site Voluntary Protection Program
Hanford Site Voluntary Protection Program
Hanford Site Voluntary Protection Program

The purpose of the Department of Energy (DOE) Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) is to recognize and promote effective safety and health management.  VPP participants are a select group of facilities that have designed and implemented outstanding health and safety programs. Management, labor and government work together to establish a cooperative relationship at a workplace that has implemented a strong program in VPP.  Requirements for participation are based on comprehensive management systems, with employees actively involved in assessing, preventing, and controlling the potential health and safety hazards at the site.

Hanford Site VPP Champions Committee

Who we are

Hanford Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) Champions Committee provides support and assistance to Hanford Projects and Companies as they pursue and or maintain VPP recognition. It provides a communication tool for information in the development and enhancement of VPP activities for safety and health continuous improvement.  This forum is not intended to take the place of individual contractor and sub-contractors safety and health programs and efforts.  However, the VPP Champions will provide site - wide criteria that may require support from other contractors.  Major consideration will be given to ensure that each of the strategic objectives of VPP is achieved, i.e., Management Leadership, Employee Involvement, Work Site Analysis, Hazard Prevention and Control, and Safety and Health Training. Where other site-wide forums or committees exist, they will retain the lead in their specific areas (e.g., ISMS COE, radiation protection, emergency  preparedness, electrical safety, hoisting & rigging.).  The VPP Champions Committee will be the focal point for interfaces with these forums when issues involving the Voluntary Protection Program are identified.

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 For material requests or more information concerning VPP @ Hanford, please email  HanfordSiteVpp@rl.gov


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