Richland Operations Office
Richland Operations Office

Richland Operations Office

Welcome to the Richland Operations Office (RL), the main field office for the Hanford Site in southeastern Washington State. I hope these pages will be informative for you about our mission, goals, and progress toward cleaning up the legacy of waste created from decades of plutonium production at Hanford.

The Richland office is a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) organization that serves as the landlord for Hanford Site and is responsible for overseeing the work performed by RL contractors. While much of the work involves environmental cleanup, the Richland office also oversees Mission Support and site infrastructure needs, the occupational medical provider, and a host of other programs that support safely cleaning up Hanford.

The Hanford Site is about 586 square miles in area and sits just north of the city of Richland, Washington in a shrub-steppe, desert-like environment. The Site produced two-thirds of our nation’s plutonium. And because the plutonium production process involved nine reactors, five processing canyons, and thousands of industrial-type facilities, the amount of work we have ahead of us is staggering.

The Richland Operations Office, with just over 250 federal staff, is responsible for oversight of Hanford Site cleanup for the Office of Environmental Management (EM).  EM’s mission is to complete the safe cleanup of the environmental legacy brought about from five decades of nuclear weapons development and government-sponsored nuclear energy research.

RL uses highly specialized contractors who work hard each day to clean up the Hanford Site’s various wastes and manage the infrastructure needs for future cleanup.

A great deal of environmental cleanup work has been achieved at the Hanford Site since the work began in 1989. We will continue our cleanup progress in the future by focusing on our highest priority projects and using our available resources to sustain a safe and effective cleanup.













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