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Volume 18, Number 14 - June 13, 1997


Because of holidays and vacations schedules, the next Hanford Environmental Report will not be issued until July 18 the third Friday in July. All subsequent issues will be issued on the second Friday of every month as per the normal schedule.

From Washington D.C.:


EPA recently released its draft final amendments to the PCB rule, known as the PCB Mega-Rule, under the Toxic Substances Control Act. These amendments are based on comments EPA received from the publication of two notices in the Federal Register (56 FR 26738 on June 10, 1991 and 59 FR 62788 on December 6, 1994) requesting public input. EPA believes the rules will result in eliminating duplications with other rules, in significant cost-savings and in streamlined procedures that will be self-implementing. This draft final rule addresses the manufacture, processing, distribution, use, remediation, storage and disposal of PCBs and includes provisions that:

The draft final rule also codifies policies that EPA has developed and implemented for a number of years. EPA has released this rule prior to publication in the Federal Register in order to give DOE an opportunity to provide input. Roni Swan (509/376-0967) and Tom Quayle (509/376-376-5223) with FDH Environmental Protection are coordinating comments for Hanford. Send your comments to them by June 20, 1997.

From Olympia:


In 1994, Ecology began its surface water quality rulemaking process with a public scoping meeting to determine the issues that would be included. As a result of this scoping process, Ecology formed advisory committees to address the various rules to be revised and prepared draft changes to these rules. In 1996, Ecology held public workshops to discuss the changes and to ask for public input. In response to this input, Ecology has drafted proposed rules and will be holding public hearings on them. At the hearings, Ecology will be seeking comment on the proposed rules including revisions:

Ecology will also be discussing guidance on establishing nutrient criteria for lakes and proposed revisions to the definition of "waters of the state" to include wetlands. Public hearings on these revisions will be held on July 8, 1997, in Lacey, at the Department of Ecology Headquarters Office, 300 Desmond Drive, from 7 pm to 9 pm; and on July 10, 1997, in Spokane, at the Spokane County Health Building, 1101 College Avenue, Room 140 from 7 pm to 9 pm. Comments on these proposed revisions must be received by Ecology by July 11, 1997. Other rule revisions Ecology is working on as part of the triennial review are the implementation plan for the antidegradation policy and a plan to restructure the current water quality standards to a use-based structure. Ecology will be discussing these at the public hearings later on this year. For more information, contact Jay Kapadia (509/373-4932) with FDH's Environmental Protection.


Governor Locke recently signed several Bills that were previously reported in the HER. These Bills will have both a direct and potential impact on operations at Hanford and include:

For copies of these Bills including Governor Locke's reasons for vetoing sections of the Bills, contact Marsha Beery (360/493-0843) with FDH's Environmental Protection.

Note: For electronic copies of Federal Register (FR) items or hard copies of Washington State Register (WSR) items listed here, call or email JoAnn McCoy (509/372-3596).
62 FR 24055
On May 2, the Department of Transportation published its final rule establishing two informational sections in 49 CFR 107 and 190. The new sections describe how interested parties can obtain telephone assistance on hazardous materials and pipeline safety issues; and publishes telephone numbers and Internet addresses for those wanting information on these programs. The final rule became effective on May 2, 1997.
62 FR 27968
On May 22, EPA published its final rule that revises the format for materials that states submit which are incorporated by reference into their state implementation plans. This revision will affect the "Identification of plan" sections under 40 CFR Part 52. The revision became effective May 22, 1997.
62 FR 28009
On May 22, DOE published a notice announcing its intent to prepare an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on the disposition of U.S. weapons-usable surplus plutonium. The EIS will discuss alternatives and potential environmental impacts for the proposed siting, construction, and operation of three types of facilities for plutonium disposition. Comments must be received by the DOE by July 18, 1997.
62 FR 29118
On May 29, the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board (DNFSB) made a recommendation (Recommendation 97-2) to the Secretary of Energy on continuing criticality safety at DOE defense nuclear facilities. Comments on this recommendation must be received by the DNFSB by June 30, 1997.
WSR 97-10-092
On May 21, Ecology published a pre-proposal statement of inquiry announcing that rulemaking to amend the Model Toxic Control Act (MTCA) rule has begun. The rule is being revised as a result of recommendations by the Policy Advisory Committee established by Engrossed Substitute House Bill 1810 to reform the MTCA rule. Comments on the rulemaking must be received by Ecology by June 4, 1997.
WSR 97-10-093
On May 21, Ecology published a pre-proposal statement of inquiry announcing that rulemaking on Chapter 173-160 WAC, the Minimum Standards for Construction of Water Wells has begun. The rule is being revised as a result of legislation that amended Chapter 18.104 RCW, the Water Well Construction Act.
WSR 97-10-091
On May 21, Ecology published an emergency rule to establish criteria under which it may prioritize processing of applications for water rights or applications to change or transfer water rights for public health or safety emergency. In the case, Hillis vs. Ecology, the Washington State Supreme Court found that Ecology's policies and procedures for workload organization and management are subject to rulemaking. The effective date of the rule is immediate.

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Information in the Hanford Environmental Report is taken from the federal/state registers and newsletters/focus sheets distributed by the Washington State Department of Ecology. It provides up-to-date federal and state environmental regulatory information and interpretations, to educate Hanford personnel and other interested parties on any new requirements.

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