DOE-RL Contracts/Procurements
PHMC Previous Contract Modifications

Several reports are provided in the Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format [PDF]. In order to view these files, you will need to have the PDF Reader. If you do not have this reader, it is available at no charge from http://www.adobe.com/.

M086 - Withdrawal of Work and Updated Language and Terms and Conditions
A087 - Obligation of Funds
M088 - Incorporate FY 2000 Performance Incentives
M089 - Incorporates current applicable Department of Labor Wage Determinations
M090 - Incorporate FY 2000 Comprehensive and Superstretch Performance Incentives
A091 - Obligation of Funds
A092 - Obligation of Funds
M093 - Name Change
A094 - Obligation of Funds
A096 - Obligation of Funds
A097 - Obligation of Funds
M098 - Performance Incentives
M099 - Performance Incentives
M100 - DOE Directives
M101 - Wage Determinations
M102 - Performance Incentives
M103 - Performance Incentives
A104 - Obligation of Funds
M105 - Performance Incentives
M106 - Performance Incentives
M107 - Performance Incentives
M108 - Performance Incentives
A109 - Obligation of Funds
M110 - DOE Directives
A111 - Obligation Notice Number 58
M112 - Modify FY2000 Incentive FH-CP-3 (Revision 2)
A113 - Obligation of Funds
M114 - Performance Incentives
A115 - Obligation of Funds
M116 - Performance Incentives
M117 - Litigation Responsibilities
A118 - Obligation of Funds
A120 - Obligation of Funds
M121 - Revision of Performance Incentive Dates
M122 - FY2001 Performance Incentives and Fee Plan Revision
A123 - Obligation of Funds
A125 - Obligation of Funds




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