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Expo Registration

Expo Registration

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A detailed description of your exhibit, emphasizing how it is related to the Health or Safety, is REQUIRED to reserve booth space. Registrations may be returned if there is not enough information to determine the purpose of the booth. One exhibit per form.*
Booth options (select 1 Option):*
10� x 10� booth includes 1 skirted table\2 chairs
10� x 20� booth includes 2 skirted tables\3 chairs
6' x 6' round table (this will take up the majority of a 10� x 10� booth)
Explain in detail any special needs or consideration for locating your booth (insert text box).
Interested in presenting a 15-30 minute demonstration on the main stage?
Explain in detail what you would like to present and how much time you will need:
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Literature, give-aways and brochures MUST be approved prior to distribution.
Your booth is NOT confirmed until you receive our registration confirmation letter.
If you have not received confirmation within 10 days of submitting your registration
request please contact Christine Jeskey, EXPO 2020 Registration Lead, at 509-372-3692.