Hanford Site Cleanup Tours

Frequently Asked Questions

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  1. I am not a United States citizen, but I do have a green card. Can I participate in a Hanford Site Cleanup Tour?
  2. Can someone else register me for a tour?
  3. What if I don't have an email address?
  4. I don't have a computer. Can I call and make a reservation over the phone?
  5. What is the best time to check for cancellations?
  6. Since I am unable to take a cell phone or camera with me, can I leave them at the MSA office building while I am on the tour?
  7. Can I bring food or drinks on the tour?
  8. Are there clothing requirements?
  9. How long is the tour?
  10. Are there any restrictions or dangers for pregnant women?
  11. I have a pacemaker, will that be problem?
  12. Are there any physical restrictions to participating in one of the public tours?
  13. Are there any exceptions for children under the age of 18 to participate in the tours?
  14. Can I register a group for the Hanford Site Cleanup Tours?
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