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Hanford Site Cleanup Tours

Public Tours

Tour Highlights 2019

Participants are guided through the Hanford Site and provided a first-hand look at activities supporting Hanford's current environmental cleanup.

The tour includes briefings on several Hanford facilities supporting today's cleanup mission:

  • Hanford's Cold Test Facility: a scaled version of one of Hanford's 177 underground nuclear waste storage tanks.
  • 200 West Pump and Treat facility: a groundwater treatment system, combines several technologies to remove chemical, radioactive and organic contaminants, before returning treated water to the ground through a network of wells.
  • Sludge Removal Project:where workers removed highly radioactive material from the 105KW Reactor Basin and stored it at the center of the site.
  • Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant: when completed will be the world's largest facility for immobilizing millions of gallons of liquid radioactive waste in glass suitable for safe, permanent disposal.
  • PUREX Tunnels: where workers have reduced risk by stabilizing tunnel 1 and 2 to ensure worker safety and protection of the environment.