Hanford Site Cleanup Tours

Tour Highlights

Participants are guided through the Hanford Site and provided a first-hand look at activities supporting Hanford's current environmental cleanup.

The tour includes briefings on several Hanford facilities supporting today's cleanup mission:

  • Hanford's Cold Test Facility, a scaled version of one of Hanford's 177 underground nuclear waste storage tanks.
  • The Environmental Restoration Disposal Facility, a regulated and lined landfill, where nearly 18 million tons of Hanford's low-level radioactive, hazardous, and mixed waste are being disposed.
  • Hanford's Plutonium Finishing Plant (PFP), which operated from 1949 to 1989, and represented the final step in the plutonium production effort at Hanford. Workers are now undertaking the monumental challenge of safely demolishing the building.
  • The 324 Building Disposition Project, where preparations are under-way to remove highly radioactive soil beneath the building, to allow for the building's eventual demolition.
  • 618-10, one of Hanford's most complex and hazardous sites, which received radioactive waste generated from Hanford's fuel fabrication and research laboratories during the production era. Workers are now removing waste from the 7.5 acre burial ground for disposal.
  • The 200 West Groundwater Treatment System, which combines several technologies to remove chemical, radioactive and organic contaminants, before returning treated water to the ground through a network of wells.
  • The Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant, when completed will be the world's largest facility for turning millions of gallons of liquid radioactive waste into a stable glass form suitable for safe, permanent disposal.
Map of Hanford