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To find the acronym you are looking for, you can either click on the corresponding letter above or enter a search phrase. You may submit a % as a wildcard to substitute for zero to many characters or _ (underscore) as a wildcard to substitute for a single character.


Use the following tips to maximize your search:

  • Use % for a wildcard.

    This wildcard can take the place of any number of characters.
    • %this% will return all acronyms, abbreviations, and definitions which have this contained in them, including at the beginning or end.
    • w%hat% will return all matches that start with w and have hat somewhere after. Possible matches would be white hat and what.

  • Use _ (underscore) to replace single character.

    _ will take the place of one character.
    • A search for _ar_et would find both carpet and target, but no learjet.

  • Be as specific as possible.

    The more specific you make your search, the less results you will have to look through.

  • Search is not case sensitive.

    CaT and cat will return the same results.

  • You can sort by fields after the results are returned.

    You can sort the results either by the acronym or definition by clicking on the category heading. Each click will alternate the sorting order from A-Z and Z-A.

If you need further assistance locating an acronym, please contact the Hanford Technical Library (372-7430).

The Abbreviation & Acronym Directory is only a partial listing of Hanford Site acronyms and abbreviations and is not intended to replace other reference materials. It is intended to provide definitions that are not available elsewhere. Another good resource is the World Wide Web Acronym and Abbreviation Server.

For questions, comments, or additions/deletions on the Hanford Abbreviation and Acronym Directory, please send an e-mail to