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TPA Changes
TPA Changes
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C-17-07  01/31/2019  Update 200-IS-1 and 200-WA-1 Operable Units in the TPA Appendix C to Reflect Pipeline Segmentation 
J-18-01  02/19/2019  Removal of Six Buildings/Structures from TPA Action Plan Appendix J 
M-42-19-01  02/21/2019  New Interim Milestone and Target Date for Completing Ancillary Equipment Inspections for DST Components Identified as Deferred Use 
M-15-19-01  02/25/2019  Establish New Interim Milestone for the 100-OL-1 Feasibility Study Report Due Date to Ecology 
M-91-19-01  03/07/2019  Deletion of TPA Interim Milestone M-091-03M for Calendar Year 2019 
C-19-01  04/02/2019  Update the TPA Action Plan Appendix C Footnote Definition  
M-36-19-01  04/03/2019  Realign Interim Milestone M-036-01 Series to Coincide with Interim Milestone M-062-40, Completing System Plan Negotiations on a Three Year Rolling Cycle 
M-24-19-01  06/17/2019  Groundwater Protection, Monitoring, and Remediation Well Installation Priority List Update Through CY 2022, Including New Interim Milestone and Target Date 
M-16-19-01  06/27/2019  Extend Due Date of Interim Milestones M-016-85A and M-016-85 in TPA Action Plan, Appendix D 
M-45-19-01  07/11/2019  Selective Liquid Removal Single Shell Tanks 
M-45-19-04  07/11/2019  Establish Closure Milestones for Waste Management Area A/AX 
M-47-19-01  07/25/2019  Deletion of Interim Milestone M-047-07 from TPA Appendix D 
M-62-19-02  07/25/2019  Direct Feed Low Activity Waste (DFLAW) Support Activities 
M-90-19-01  07/25/2019  Extend Interim Milestone M-090-13 and Creates New Interim Milestone M-090-14 in TPA Appendix D 
J-19-01  07/31/2019  Remove, Add, and Align Buildings/Structures in TPA Action Plan, Appendix J 
M-45-19-07  09/30/2019  Establish New Interim Milestones for Submittal of Additional SST Tank Integrity Assessments