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Record Release

In order to obtain a copy of your medical record or specific documentation contained in your medical record, you will first need to complete an “Authorization for Release of Protected Information”. This form must be filled out completely, signed and dated to be valid and must include the name and complete address of where the records are to be sent. The requests can be hand delivered, mailed to Inomedic Health Applications, Inc. (IHA), or printed from the website and faxed to 509-372-0522. Under Washington State Law, IHA has 15 working days to respond to records requests.

Please contact our Records Release Specialist if you have any questions at 509-376-9130.

National Supplemental Screening Program

This voluntary program is for former U.S. Department of Energy workers. It offers medical screening at no charge for workers who may have been exposed to hazardous substances at work. This program is managed by Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) and its partners.

For more information visit National Supplemental Screening Program (




Historical DOE Site Exposure Questionnaire

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