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DOE-0342-003 Posting and Labeling


Hanford Site Beryllium Posting and Labeling Requirements Procedure

DOE-0342-003, Rev. 2 (March 20, 2017)


Beryllium Posting and Labeling Requirements Procedure
This Hanford Site Beryllium Postings and Labeling Requirements Procedure, herein known as the Procedure, documents the requirements for:

  • The establishment, use, and posting of the beryllium status of facilities and locations of known or suspected fixed/surface/airborne beryllium contamination
  • The labeling of contaminated or potential internally contaminated equipment, items and/or systems 

This Procedure applies to all facilities, as defined in this Procedure, and activities on the Hanford Site.  Conformance with this Procedure ensures proper demarcation of areas with beryllium contamination or potential beryllium contamination and protection against inadvertent exposure of personnel to beryllium hazards.

From:  Purpose and Scope, DOE-0342-003, Rev 2


Applicable Hanford Site Forms:

Beryllium Regulated Area Access Log (A-6006-150)




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