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Office of River Protection

222-S Contract

Section Title Section Last
By/Through Mod
Section A Solicitation, Offer and Award   PDF
Section B Supplies or Services & Prices/Costs   PDF
Section C Performance Work Statement   PDF
Section D Packaging & Marking   PDF
Section E Inspection & Acceptance   PDF
Section F Deliveries or Performance   PDF
Section G Contract Administration Data   PDF
Section H Special Contract Requirements   PDF
Section I Contract Clauses   PDF
Section J List of Attachments   PDF
J.1 Acronym List   PDF
J.2 Requirement Sources and Implementing Documents   PDF
J.3 Hanford Site Services and Interface Requirements Matrix   PDF
J.4 Performance Evaluation and Measurement Plan   PDF
J.5 Performance Guarantee Agreement   PDF
J.6 Reserved   PDF
J.7 Labor Standards Board Process   PDF
J.8 Advance Understanding on Costs   PDF
J.9 Wage Determinations   PDF
J.10 Contract Deliverables    PDF
J.11 Government-Furnished Services and Information   PDF
J.12 Laboratory Structure List   PDF
J.13 222-S Laboratory Waste Site Assignment List   PDF
J.14 Reserved   PDF
J.15 Reserved   PDF
J.16 Community Commitment Plan   PDF
J.17 Contract PWS and WBS Crosswalk Table   PDF
J.18 Exemptions and Equivalencies   PDF




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