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ALARA Contacts

In the interest of sharing information, the following personnel within the U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE) complex are willing to be points of contact for their respective site. Please contact us if this information is inaccurate or if additions should be made:


Jeffrey Hunter, MSA
Phone: (509) 373-0656
Fax: (509) 376-7717


Oak Ridge

Gloria Mei, ORNL, Radiological Engineering and Program support
Phone: (865)574-0188
Fax: 865) 574-6169

Los Alamos

Julio Castro
Phone: (505) 667-9377


Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP)

Tom Goff, WIPP ALARA Coordinator
Phone: (505) 234-8861
Fax: (505) 234-8963

Marsha Beekman
Phone: (505)234-8495
Fax: (505) 885-4562


West Valley Demonstration Project

Kay Mortensen, West Valley Nuclear Services Co.
Phone: (716) 942-4964
Fax: (716) 942-2088


Savannah River Site

Robbie Bates
Phone: (803) 208-3601


Idaho National Laboratory

Thayne Butikofer, INL ALARA Coordinator
Phone: (208) 526-9780
Fax: (208) 526-7020

Idaho Cleanup Project

David Fullmer, ALARA Coordinator, CH2M-WG Idaho, LLC.
Phone: (208) 526-5724
Fax: (208) 526-3787
For questions or comments, please send email to Jeffrey Hunter.




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