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Acceptance Criteria Rev 19

In December 2020, in support of the Waste and Fuels Facilities Management Project (WFMP) and Solid Waste Storage and Disposition Facilities (SWSD), HNF-EP-0063, Revision 19, Hanford Site Solid Waste Acceptance Criteria, was completed.  The changes include:

  • Minor format and grammar changes throughout document.
  • References confirmed.
  • Definitions:  Layers of confinement text addition (plastic bags containing waste that are twist and tape closed and  fold and tape closed are layer of confinement).
  • Section 3.1 – Table 3-1:  Waste codes confirmed.
  • Section 4.1 – Table 4-1:  Waste codes confirmed.
  • Section 4.4.6:  Wood pallet web link removed, etc.
  • Section 5.1 - Table 5.1:  Waste codes confirmed.
  • Section 6.1 – Table 6.1:  Waste codes confirmed.
  • Appendix A:  Current revision of DOE/WIPP-02-3122, Transuranic Waste Acceptance Criteria for the Waste Isolation Pilot Plant referenced.
  • Appendix C:  Minor changes made to Table C-2.  Added hazard label note.
  • Appendix D:  Minor changes to Table D-1.  Reformatted minimum coatings/liners column.
  • Appendix E:  Minor changes to Table E-2.  Per TRU Program, removed Aquasorb, Quick Solid, and Waste Lock 770 absorbent options and added Optisorb and Select Sorb absorbent options.
  • Appendix G:  Microshield statement removed.  Changes to Table G-1 include decay heat and confinement layer information.  Table G-3 added to show decay heat limits for various waste types.  Table G-4 added to replace former Table G-3.  Current revision of DOE/WIPP-02-3122 referenced.
  • Appendix I:  Scaling factors need to be periodically reviewed and updated.  Minor change to Table I-1.  Gross container weight added for 30 gallon drum.  Minor change to Table I-2.  Total activity line item added.  Current revision of DOE/WIPP-02-3122 referenced.

Revision 19 is effective March 17, 2021.

HNF-EP-0063  Revision 19, Hanford Site Solid Waste Acceptance Criteria

Last Updated 04/08/2021 10:33 AM