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Beryllium Program

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Beryllium is a lightweight, durable metal that has widespread industrial applications. The use of beryllium at the Hanford site during fuel element production, and maintenance of selected industrial components and tools, has resulted in potential occupational beryllium exposure to current and former employees. As Hanford proceeds with extensive decommissioning and decontamination of older facilities, legacy beryllium-containing dust and debris may still be encountered. Unfortunately, a small portion of exposed personnel have been diagnosed with beryllium-related medical conditions including Chronic Beryllium Disease (CBD) or Beryllium Sensitization (BeS). DOE and all Hanford contractors are committed to ensuring that current and former employees that may have received exposure to beryllium have an opportunity to receive appropriate medical testing, and if necessary, follow-up medical attention. This website provides general information, as well as references and guidance, which may be beneficial to exposed personnel and other interested individuals.
Hanford Site Chronic Beryllium Disease Prevention Program (CBDPP)
Hanford has developed an integrated, site-wide program to minimize exposure to beryllium while working at Hanford. The program is called the Hanford Site Chronic Beryllium Disease Prevention Program (CBDPP). Revision 1 of the CBDPP became effective on July 30, 2012. An implementing procedure for the program, the Hanford Site Beryllium Work Permit (BWP) and Hazard Assessment Procedure was also effective on July 30, 2012. On September 19, 2013, a revision to the CBDPP document (Rev 2A) and four implementing procedures:  Assessment and Characterization of Buildings Procedure; Hanford Site Beryllium Posting and Labeling Requirements Procedure; Assessment and Characterization/Verification of Structures and Conex Boxes Procedure; and Hanford Site Evaluation of Electrical Equipment for Beryllium Procedure were published and are implemented.
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