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DOE-0342-001 Beryllium Work Permit Document



DOE-0342-001, Rev. 2 (Effective August 20, 2018)



Hanford Site Beryllium Work Permit (BWP) and Hazard Assessment Procedure 

This Procedure establishes the methods for the completion, documentation, and use of the Beryllium Hazard Assessment (BHA) and Beryllium Work Permit (BWP) forms. Adherence to the processes described herein is mandatory to all Hanford contractors through reference in DOE-0342, Hanford Site Chronic Beryllium Disease Prevention Program (CBDPP). This Procedure, in conjunction with the Program, requires implementation of controls necessary to minimize the exposure to beryllium of employees working at Hanford.

From, Purpose and Scope, DOE-0342-001, Rev. 2


Applicable Hanford Site Forms:
Hanford Beryllium Hazard Assessment Form (A-6005-852)
Hanford Beryllium Hazard Assessment Review Record (A-6006-117)
Hanford Beryllium Work Permit (A-6006-202)
Hanford Job Specific Beryllium Work Permit Acknowledgment Form (A-6005-853)





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