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About Hanford

Central Plateau

2022 Cleanup and Waste Treatment Highlights

Hanford’s Central Plateau, or 200 Area, is home to many cleanup projects and remediation efforts involving both solid and liquid wastes. The area is made up of the 200 East and 200 West areas, which are separated by several miles. The total area makes up about 75 square miles.

The Central Plateau contains Hanford’s largest groundwater treatment plant, five former “canyon” facilities that were used to process and separate plutonium from uranium fuel rods irradiated in Hanford’s reactors, as well as several waste storage and management areas and numerous support facilities. Also located on the Central Plateau is the Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant, which is being constructed to vitrify, or immobilize in glass, millions of gallons of waste stored in 158 underground tanks.

Here is a list of facilities on Hanford's Central Plateau:

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