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Hanford For Students and Kids

Classroom Projects

If you’ve been assigned to write a report or complete a classroom assignment that involves Hanford, we’ve got some tools that might help you with your project!

The first is an online photo gallery of pictures.  We’ve got thousands of photographs that you can print off and use in displays or in reports.  You can link to Hanford’s photo gallery by going to Hanford Photogallery

We have thousands of pictures available for you to look at and use in your project, from the earliest Hanford and White Bluffs residents to the most recent cleanup activity.  If you don’t see a specific photograph or series of photographs listed, type in what you’re looking for in the “Search” window.

Some of our cleanup activities have been captured on video.  You can visit our newsroom link to see what videos are available to be downloaded to your computer which show cleanup progress at Hanford.

Research Topics
Hanford makes a great subject for a research paper.  There are literally hundreds of different topics and projects that you can write about.  Visit the facilities page on this website for ideas.

Science Experiments and Projects
At Hanford, science is used every day to determine the safest, most efficient, and most effective ways to accomplish our goal of cleaning up the Site.  If you’re assigned a science project, think about taking a cleanup method being used at Hanford, and see if it will work for cleaning up your school, home, or playground.  Conduct an experiment to demonstrate the way of removing waste from underground storage tanks.  Offer a hypothesis about ways to pump out materials from those tanks so that we can get them completely empty.  Bury a marble or something in a mound of dirt and then try and figure out how to dig it up without ever touching it with your hands.  Put together a model of a building, and then tear it down safely.  Our facilities page covers the various cleanup projects that are underway which might make for a good project for you.  Use your imagination and come up with a creative activity!




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