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To find the definition you are looking for, you can either click on the corresponding letter above or enter a search phrase. You may submit a % as a wildcard to substitute for zero to many characters or _ (underscore) as a wildcard to substitute for a single character.


Use the following tips to maximize your search:

  • Use % for a wildcard.

  • This wildcard can take the place of any number of characters.
    • %this% will return all terms and definitions which have this contained in them, including at the beginning or end.
    • w%hat% will return all matches that start with w and have hat somewhere after. Possible matches would be white hat and what.

  • Use _ (underscore) to replace single character.

  • _ will take the place of one character.
    • A search for _ar_et would find both carpet and target, but no learjet.

  • Be as specific as possible.

  • The more specific you make your search, the less results you will have to look through.

  • Search is not case sensitive.

  • CaT and cat will return the same results.

  • You can sort by fields after the results are returned.

  • You can sort the results either by the terms or definition by clicking on the category heading. Each click will alternate the sorting order from A-Z and Z-A.

If you need further assistance locating an definition, please contact the Hanford Technical Library (372-7430).

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