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There are thousands of documents associated with the current cleanup work at Hanford and regarding Hanford’s previous mission of plutonium production. Posting every document dating back to 1943 on this website would be unrealistic.

However, certain documents are required to be posted on, and those documents can be accessed here. In addition, we have posted a number of safety and environmental documents to serve the public.

If you are seeking a document that isn’t currently posted here, please visit the Freedom of Information Act webpage. This page provides information on requesting official documents as well as links to the US Department of Energy’s Public Reading Room for Hanford and the Hanford Technical Library. The locations of the four Hanford Public Information Repositories located in Washington and Oregon can also be found there.


Environmental Documents:

Information Management:

Overview of Cleanup:



River Protection Plan Documents:

Safety Documents:













Last Updated 12/13/2022 10:45 AM