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100-D/H Operable Units RI/FS

Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study for the 100-DR-1, 100-DR-2, 100-HR-1, 100-HR-2, and 100-HR-3 Operable Units, DOE/RL-2010-95, Rev 0

Executive Summary (PDF)

Table of Contents (PDF)

Chapters 1-3 (PDF)

Chapters 4-5 (PDF)

Chapters 6-7 (PDF)

Chapters 8-11 (PDF)

Appendices A through O:

Appendix A– Site Maps (PDF)

Appendix B – Bibliography (PDF)

Appendix C – Field Sampling Information (PDF)

Appendix D – Data Tables (PDF)

Appendix E - Waste Site Summaries (PDF)

Appendix F - Fate and Transport Modeling (PDF)

Appendix G - Human Health Risk Assessment Supporting Information (PDF)

Appendix H - Ecological Supporting Information (PDF)

Appendix I - Technology Screening (PDF)

Appendix J - Alternative Development Supporting Documentation (PDF)

Appendix K - Nonoperational Area Evaluation (PDF)

Appendix L - Riparian and Nearshore Evaluation (PDF)

Appendix M - Data from Boreholes and Wells (PDF)

Appendix N - Summary Statistics (PDF)

Appendix O - Crosswalk of WAC Requirements (PDF)



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