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DOE Hanford
Employee Concerns Program



Purpose'Employee Concerns Program '

The DOE Hanford Employee Concerns Program (ECP) encourages the free and open expression of employee concerns and provides DOE federal, contractor, and subcontractor employees with an independent avenue to raise any concern related to the environment, safety, health, and management of operations that are essential to the safe and efficient accomplishment of DOE’s missions.

Employee Rights and Responsibilities

All Hanford federal, contractor, and subcontractor employees have the right and responsibility to report concerns without fear of retaliation. Employees are encouraged to report concerns to their immediate supervisors or organization’s employee concerns program. DOE Hanford ECP is also available to receive concerns and assist employees with determining concern resolution.

How to File an Employee Concern

Telephone, fax or email your concern to our office contacts or directly call our ECP staff members. A fillable Employee Concern Form (*A-6006-441) is available for reporting concerns:

  • Main Office: (509) 376-0000
  • 24-hour ECP Hotline: (509) 376-1934
  • FAX: (509) 372-0998
  • Email: ^DOE Hanford ECP
Bonnie A. Lazor, Hanford ECP Manager
(509) 376-6230,
Keith A. Adams, Hanford ECP Investigator
(509) 372-1262,
Rolline “Trish” Johnson, Hanford ECP Administrative Support
(509) 376-6331,
Hanford Contractor ECP Contact Information    
  • BNI
  • CPCCo
  • HMIS
  • WRPS

(509) 371-2771
*Central Plateau Cleanup Company
*Hanford Mission Integration Solutions
*Washington River Protection Solutions

  • WTCC
  • HLMI
  • HPMC
(509) 827-2280
*Hanford Laboratory Management and Integration
*HPMC Occupational Health Services

ECP Related Resources  


*HLAN Access Required

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