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Employee Concerns Program (ECP)

 Employee Concerns Program

ECP Officials

Michael Collins, RL/ORP
(509) 376-2891

Bonnie Lazor, RL/ORP
ECP Investigator
(509) 376-6230

Rolline (Trish) Johnson
ECP Administrative Support
(509) 376-6331

Employee Concerns Program Policy

The Department of Energy (DOE) Richland Operations Office (RL), Office of River Protection (ORP) and all Hanford contractors recognize that free and open expression of all federal and contractor employees at Hanford is essential to safe and efficient accomplishment of DOE’s missions.  All employees fulfilling DOE’s mission have the right and responsibility to report concerns relating to the environment, safety, health, or management of Hanford operations.

The Hanford Site Employee Concerns Program (ECP) process is designed to provide uniform implementation among DOE and its contractors to:

  • encourage open communication;
  • inform employees of the proper forum for consideration of their concerns;
  • assure employees can raise issues without fear of reprisal;
  • address employee concerns in a timely, independent, and objective manner;
  • maintain confidentiality to the greatest extent possible, and
  • provide employees an avenue for consideration of concerns that fall outside existing systems.

All employees are encouraged to first seek to resolve concerns with their first-line supervisors or use established concern or complaint resolution systems, such as your Union representative, Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), employer’s corrective action management system, Stop Work policies, and so forth.  If these systems are unknown or unavailable, or have not dealt, or cannot deal effectively with your concern, ECP personnel can assist employees in determining which processes could be used to evaluate and resolve their concerns. This may result in the ECP office facilitating resolution, referring or transferring the concern to the responsible or appropriate organization, or investigating the concern itself.  The ECP is intended to supplement, not replace, existing processes designed to address concerns and resolve disputes.

How to File an Employee Concern

NOTE: When imminent or immediate danger exists, employees are required to implement the stop work process in accordance with DOE-0343, Stop Work

  1. Employees are encouraged to first attempt to resolve the issue by working through your management chain. This usually provides the most timely resolution.
  2. If you do not feel your concern has been resolved appropriately by your manager/supervisor or others in your management chain, or if you do not feel you can take your concern to your manager/supervisor, report your concern to your company’s or DOE’s ECP.
  3. Choose one of the following methods to report an employee concern:

Your Rights Under the Energy Reorganization Act – ERA Poster (pdf)


Contact Information for Employee Concerns Programs at Hanford


376-0000  FAX: 372-0998 
HOTLINE: 376-1934    
HPMC OMS 373-6469   373-3469
HOTLINE:  373-6469    
CHPRC 376-7160   376-4888
HOTLINE: 376-3999    
MSA 373-5956   376-3049
HOTLINE: 373-2273  
BNI 371-3888   371-2043
HOTLINE: 800-392-2108    
WAI 373-4327   373-4884
HOTLINE: (509) 781-2909    
WRPS 376-2156   376-3655
HOTLINE: 373-5444    
WTCC 373-8797    
HOTLINE: 373-8900    









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