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Gold Awards

Recognition is provided through monetary, non-monetary, and honorary incentives. Criteria reinforcing a quality work ethic are used to award incentives, i.e., Teamwork, Improved Processes, Customer Satisfaction, Environmental Excellence, Leadership, Cost Savings, and Safety. An employee may receive multiple recognition and awards throughout the year, but employees should be recognized only once for an accomplishment. A combination of awards may be used for a single recognition provided that the awards are commensurate with the accomplishment.

Anthony's--$40 gift card

Applebee's--$40 gift card

Bob's Burgers--$40 gift card

Costa Vida--$40 gift card

Cousins'--$40 gift card

Dutch Brothers Coffee--$40 gift card

Outback--$40 gift card

Red Lobster--$40 gift card

Texas Road House--$40 gift card

3 Margaritas--$40 gift card







Last Updated 10/15/2018 6:48 AM