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Technical Approach

The Hanford cleanup mission is a multi-program effort to remediate the U.S. Department of Energy Hanford Site. Hanford is unique across the DOE complex due to its size and challenges with aging infrastructure, multiple states involvement, contaminated structures and waste sites, and the demands of complex liquid and solid waste treatment and dispositions.

The HMIS overarching technical approach allows for capabilities to not only deliver mission support services, but to simultaneously and proactively engage and anticipate customer needs, navigate site complexities, balance priorities and build consensus among the multiple, diverse perspectives and interest of organizations, community and contractors – all in close collaboration with DOE in support of end state goals.

Our Mission Services Planning approach as outlined below provides the infrastructure interfaces, forward leaning utility planning processes, integrated plans and cross cutting tools to ensure Hanford Site mission success.


Infrastructure Interfaces

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We leverage our knowledge, expertise, and experience in successfully supporting Hanford cleanup contractors, while recognizing the importance of providing quality esssential services, and the level of support required for the mission.


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In addition to the knowledge and expertise, HMIS expands on an established innovation culture that laid the groundwork for Hanford to transform to a Connected Integrated Enterprise. By converging workflows, consolidating systems, centralizing information and using advanced analytics, HMIS is able to advance Hanford across a technical 10-year roadmap (shown below).


10-year roadmap

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Through close collaboration with DOE and the Other Hanford Contractors leveraging a service delivery approach, unique expertise, and a connected strategic use of innovative tools and process, HMIS will help One Hanford execute the cleanup mission.





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