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Hanford Meteorological Station


The Hanford Meteorological Station is operated by Hanford Mission Integration Solutions for the U.S. Department of Energy. The HMS provides a range of Hanford Site weather forecast products, real-time meteorological data, and an extensive historical database of meteorological and climatological data. Meteorological measurements have been made at the HMS since late 1944.

The HMS is located near the center of the Hanford Site, just outside the northeast corner of the 200 West Area. The Hanford Site is located north of Richland, Washington (see map on this page).

The project operates the Hanford Meteorological Monitoring Network to measure, process, analyze, and archive a wide range of meteorological parameters from a variety of monitoring stations; including over 30 instrumented towers strategically placed around the Hanford Site and the surrounding region. Data collected at each monitoring site are transmitted to the HMS every 15 minutes. Among the parameters measured at each monitoring station are air wind direction, wind speed, and temperature. A number of the stations also monitor precipitation, atmospheric pressure, and humidity. Measurements are made at multiple levels on the 125-m (400-ft) and three 60-m (200-ft) tower sites in the monitoring network.


Weather Stations

This website presents real-time meteorological data from the project's monitoring stations; daily, monthly, and annual weather summaries (including charts and tables); links to Hanford climatology reports; and a wealth of other data.

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NOTICE: HMS stays on Pacific Standard Time (PST). All data time stamps are PST.

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