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Navarro-ATL (HLMI)

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Hanford Laboratory Management and Integration, LLC dba Navarro-ATL is an unpopulated LLC formed by two outstanding small businesses, Navarro Research and Engineering, Inc. (Navarro) and Advanced Technologies and Laboratories International, Inc. (ATL). The combination of these exceptional operations and analytical firms provides DOE the most qualified team to support timely and high-quality analytical services at Hanford’s 222-S Laboratory. As the prime contractor supporting 222-S in its critical role in achieving the Hanford Site mission (One Team, One Mission), HLMI provides the best value and lowest risk solutions to the complexities of managing the Lab.

Prior to and since successful contract transition on April 15, 2021, HLMI has been working to unite Analytical, Facility Maintenance, and Operations staff with common performance goals. Contract scope includes both analytical and facility operations with core functions of engineering, environmental safety and health, assurance systems, interface management, and business services.

HLMI is committed to supporting 222-S in its long-standing initiatives (e.g., safe storage of tank waste, process support, characterization, industrial hygiene monitoring) and to meeting the needs of Direct-Feed-Low-Activity Waste operations as the Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant transitions to operations.

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Hanford Laboratory Management and Integration, LLC dba Navarro-ATL
1933 Jadwin Ave, Ste. 230
Richland, WA  99352


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