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About Hanford

Hanford Site Leadership


The One Hanford team is made up of two DOE offices (the Richland Operations Office and the Office of River Protection) and six prime contractors. There are approximately 10,000 workers on the Hanford Site.


Vance Brian Vance
Department of Energy Office of River Protection & 
Richland Operations Office
Stickney Brian Stickney
DOE Deputy Manager
Bui Thomas Bui
Program Manager,
Hanford Occupational
Health Services
Bryan Wes Bryan
President & Project Manager,
Washington River
Protection Solutions
Jon John Eschenberg
Central Plateau
Cleanup Company
Ray Ray Geimer
Hanford Laboratory
Management & Integration
Hartman Brian Hartman
Project Director,
Waste Treatment
& Immobilization Plant 
Bob Bob Wilkinson
Hanford Mission
Intergration Solutions
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