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Hanford Mobile App

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Hanford Mobile Application Available for Download
Link to Apple App StoreLink to Google Play Store

The Hanford Mobile application (app) is a convenient way of finding or receiving information about Hanford Site work delays, closures, significant hazards, or emergencies. If your mobile device has a data connection, regardless of your service provider, the app will deliver the latest information available. It’s important to note that the mobile app does not replace emergency direction and instructions that are sent over Hanford Site Emergency Alerting System devices (sirens, telephones, computer networks, etc.).


The app gives you access to the following:

  • Incident Notifications: Information posted on the emergency webpage during a Site emergency or exercise will be shown in the Incident Notification area of the app. The area will turn red when an incident has been activated, or blue if the activity is an exercise.
  • Employee Advisories: Information posted on regarding weather-related work delays, Site closures or significant hazards will be displayed in the Employee Advisory area of the app. The area will turn yellow when information is available.
  • Current Fire Danger Levels
  • Site Meteorological Conditions: Users have the option to choose the weather station closest to their location to receive the most accurate meteorological information.
  • The Site Telephone Directory


Device requirements:

  • Network connection: The device must have an active network connection (Wi-Fi or cellular data).
  • User Settings: Must not be set to Airplane Mode or have Do Not Disturb active.
    Recommended that updates to the device’s operating system be kept current.
  • Device Age: The age and model of your device may affect the intended functionality or user experience.
  • Screen Resolution: Users with high resolution values set may have difficulty reading the text shown in the app.


Push Notifications:

Due to varying factors such as personal settings on your device, you may not receive a push notification advising you to check for active alerts. Regardless of push notification status, the alert information will still be active on the app as long as it is displayed on the emergency webpage and your device has an active data connection. Some devices have an audible alert that accompanies the push notification. The availability of this feature is dependent upon the service provider and can be affected by your personal settings and connectivity. If you do not want to be notified every time an entry is updated, there is an option under the Settings menu in the app to turn off push notifications.


The Hanford Mobile app is available in the Apple iTunes Store and the Google Play Store.


For questions regarding downloading the app, device connections or coverage, contact your device service carrier.

Last Updated 10/26/2023 10:32 AM