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2019 Educator Field Trip Information

The Health and Safety Expo is a wonderful field trip opportunity.   We are actively working on our programming for 2019, where we will focus on the areas of Health & Safety, with special emphasis on Transportation Safety.  Returning for 2019 will be the Vehicle Accident Demonstration, Texting Maze, and presentations from OMSI in addition to other educational exhibits.   In 2018 we had over 2,300 students primarily 5th through 7th grade attend Health and Safety Expo and we would love to see your class join us for 2019.

To coordinate a field trip please contact Elizabeth Lugo at or 373-0432. Please include school name, point of contact name and phone number, best times to call, number of students and grade level.

  • Educational information
  • School Bus Parking
  • We encourage viewing of the Vehicle Accident Demonstration, however due to the intensity of this highly coordinated activity and for the safety of both the participants and your students once it begins, you need to remain seated until the completion of the show. Please plan accordingly.
  • There will be vendors with food to purchase at your expense; please note lines can be long.  Commercial outside food (example pizza delivery / UBER) is NOT allowed.
  • Sack lunches are allowed.  We will provide a secured location for their safekeeping.  For easy retrieval, please bring lunches in a single box by school/teacher/chaperone. 
  • Schools are responsible for adhering to your district’s policies for chaperones.  For the student’s safety, we request all students and chaperones to stay on the TRAC premises.
  • Mission Support Alliance, Inc. has scholarships for limited busing to public schools in the Tri-Cities region.  Busing is based on availability and limited to two busses per school (each bus holds 50 riders).
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