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Why Should I Participate in EXPO

The Health & Safety EXPO is a sharing of information, equipment, supplies, and success stories in the area of safety, health, and safety in the community. Work groups from the Hanford Site, and across the United States, will be on hand to share what they are doing to improve their performance and education in these areas. Exhibitors will demonstrate and/or discuss products, equipment, education opportunities and explain or demonstrate the proper way to use them.

PUD Demonstratio, EXPO 2016

Franklin PUD Demonstration, EXPO 2016


This is an opportunity to interact directly with exhibitors, observe presentations, and participate in demonstrations.

Free booth space, admission, and parking is available. Bring your co-workers, families and friends!  If you have any questions about attending, volunteering, or registering a booth, please contact Christine Jeskey @ (509) 372-3692 or email Health & Safety EXPO Team at


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