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Liquid Waste Processing Facilities


'Treated Effluent Disposal Facility'   Aerial of the Liquid Effluent Retention Facility and Effluent Treatment Facility.

The Liquid Waste Processing Facilities (LWPF) store, treat and dispose of large volumes of liquid waste as the last step in the cleanup process before the treated liquid is discharged to the environment. Upon startup of the Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant, the facilities operations will expand to include management of liquid waste from the plant.

The LWPF is comprised of the following systems that work together to fulfill its mission for the Hanford Site:
  • Liquid Effluent Retention Facility (LERF): a set of retention basins designed to store liquid waste until it can be processed at the Effluent Treatment Facility,
  • Effluent Treatment Facility (ETF): a processing plant where chemical and radioactive contaminants are removed from the liquid waste,
  • State-Approved Land Disposal Sites: a system used for discharging verified treated effluent from the ETF to the environment, and
  • Treated Effluent Disposal Facility: a system used for discharging nonhazardous Hanford waste to the environment.
For more information, please see the Liquid Waste Processing Facilities Fact Sheet
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