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Land Management

Photo of Columbia River with White Bluffs in the background
With required regulatory cleanup nearing completion on portions of the Hanford Site in recent years, there is growing interest in land-use decisions, access and use of lands at Hanford.  The Department of Energy (DOE) Richland Operations Office (RL) is responsible for working with state and federal agencies, tribes, community and the public to provide access and use consistent with the Hanford Comprehensive Land-Use Plan (CLUP).  The CLUP provides the framework within which future use of the Hanford Site’s lands resources occurs. 
DOE is also responsible for the management of Hanford Site property. Management includes cost-effective infrastructure and site services integral and necessary to accomplish the Hanford Site environmental cleanup mission and day-to-day implementation of comprehensive land-use planning and land management activities.

Land management functions include:
  • Providing site planning services and oversight for all new facilities, infrastructure systems, land improvements, access and use of Hanford Site lands.
  • Providing new and renewed licenses, permits, and easements on the Hanford Site for non-DOE use.
  • Long-Term Stewardship on post-cleanup lands, including surveillance and maintenance and other activities necessary to ensure protection of human health and the environment following completion of remediation, disposal, or stabilization of a CERLCA or RCRA site.
All non-DOE uses, (e.g. commercial ventures and other government agency proposals) must be reviewed and approved by RL prior to access being granted through a real estate agreement.
Click on the following link to learn more about making a request for access to Hanford Site land for non-DOE uses.
The Hanford borrow pit management program is defined in the Industrial Mineral and Conservation Plan (DOE/RL-2015-53, Rev2.).
Click on the following link for the Industrial Mineral and Conservation Plan.
The Site Excavation Permit process ensures review is given to any digging requests to ensure a safe and consistent approach is achieved for all of the Hanford Site.
Click on the following link to request a Site Excavation Permit Request Number.
 Click on the following link to learn more about RL’s responsibility for long-term management of Hanford Site land.

For more information, contact the Site Real Estate Officer, Paula Call or by phone (509) 376-2048
Last Updated 09/08/2023 9:50 AM