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Office of River Protection

ORP Mission

Hanford Recah & Columbia River Panorama


Our Mission

Safely, efficiently, and effectively treat tank waste and close Hanford tanks.

Our Vision

Unified, prepared, and empowered high-performing team driven to achieve effective tank waste treatment operations.

Our Values

  • Integrity in our working relationships, practices and decisions: We are trustworthy, reliable, ethical, and unbiased.

  • Service to the public, and others who are affected by our work: We are responsive, accountable, and proactive.

  • Openness in communications and decision-making: We are transparent and forthright. Commitment to health and safety, security and the environment: We are dedicated, diligent, and vigilant.

  • Cooperation in the planning, management, and performance of work: We are helpful, sharing, team-oriented, and engaged.

  • Excellence in our individual and collective actions: We promote an atmosphere that supports high quality, continuous improvement, and self-awareness behaviors.

  • Respect for individuals’ diversity, roles, beliefs, viewpoints, and work-life balance: We are professional, courteous, objective, and compassionate.



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