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Office of River Protection

222-S Laboratory

222-S Laboratory - The Hanford Site - 200 West Area

The 222-S Laboratory, located in Hanford’s 200-West Area, is operated by Washington River Protection Solutions.  Another DOE contractor, Wastren Advantage, performs analytical services production functions at the laboratory.

The 222-S Laboratory is a 70,000 square foot full-service analytical facility that handles highly radioactive samples for purposes of organic, inorganic, and radio-chemistry analyses. It contains 11 hot-cells, which gives the lab the capability to remotely handle highly radioactive samples of tank waste while minimizing radiation dose to workers. 

The 222-S Laboratory complex contains over 100 pieces of analytical equipment, 156 fume hoods, and 46 manipulators to perform work.  The laboratory plays many roles, which include testing of waste compatibility and physical characteristics to support tank-to-tank waste transfers, performing corrosion rate studies and chemical testing to support tank corrosion inhibition, and providing input to the engineering specifications for each of the 242-A Evaporator campaigns.  The laboratory also studies the physical and chemical characteristics of waste necessary to enable waste retrievals, provides data to support tank closure requirements, and supports the Vadose Zone Program.



Last Updated 11/03/2019 3:45 PM