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Office of River Protection
DOE ORP Contracting Officer Representatives

ORP Contracting Officer Representatives


COR Name Type of COR Area of Authority Date of Designation COR's DOE Position
Kevin Smith Primary All Scope 08/20/2013 Manager, Office of River Protection
Glyn Trenchard Primary All Scope 08/15/2013 Acting Assistant Manager, Tank Farms Project
Ellen Mattlin Alternate All Scope 09/04/2013 Director, Tank Farms Program Division
Stephen Pfaff Functional CLIN 4 Supplemental Treatment and Immobilization -Pre Treatment Project, Immobilization Project, Secondary Waste Treatment Project, Interim Hanford Storage Project 09/23/2011 Federal Project Director
Delmar Noyes Functional CLIN 3 WTP Support, CLIN 4 Supplemental Treatment 09/23/2011 Acting Assistant Manager, WTP Startup and Commissioning Integration
Mary M. McKnight Functional Litigation Management and Legal Policy 05/03/2016 Chief Counsel, DOE-RL and ORP
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