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Richland Operations Office

Central Plateau

Largely under the purview of the Richland Operations Office, the Central Plateau, or 200 Area, contains former
plutonium fuel processing facilities, waste disposal areas and industrial-sized facilities that once refined plutonium
fuel into its final product. Within the Central Plateau are five Canyon Facilities, the Plutonium Finishing Plant, wastePFP2014
storage and processing areas and numerous burial grounds and waste sites.

The Central Plateau contains two main areas – the 200 West and 200 East areas.

Inside the 200 East Area, is the Waste Treatment Plant, under the purview of the Office of River Protection (ORP), which will treat high-level liquid waste stored in underground tanks.

Here is a list of facilities on Hanford's Central Plateau:

Plutonium Finishing Plant
T Plant
B Plant
U Plant
Waste Treatment Plant
















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