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200 West Pump and Treat

The groundwater treatment project includes a number of injection and extraction wells feeding five pump and
treat facilities in the 100 Area near the reactors, as well as a state-of-the-art groundwater pump-and-treat
facility in the 200 West area, which has a maximum capacity to treat up to 2,500 gallons of water per minute.

Since the first pump-and-treat systems began in the 1990s, several billion gallons of contaminated groundwater have been treated. The primary focus of the project today is a 60-square-mile area containing billions of gallons of contaminated groundwater. The aim is to remove a number of chemical and radiological contaminants, including cesium, hexavalent chromium, carbon tetrachloride, among others. For more information about groundwater remediation, check out the Soil and Groundwater Annual Reports.

Here are the groundwater pump and treats by area:

  • 200 West Groundwater Pump and Treat System (Central Plateau; pictured above)
  • 100-HX Pump and Treat (near H Reactor)
  • 100-DX Pump and Treat (near D/DR Reactors)
  • 100-KW Pump and Treat (near K Reactors)
  • 100-KX Pump and Treat (near K Reactors)
  • 100-KR4 Pump and Treat (near K Reactors)



100-DX Pump and Treat



100-HX Pump and Treat
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