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Hanford Site Solid Waste Acceptance Program

The Hanford Site operates waste treatment, storage and disposal facilities for the various types of radioactive waste onsite and from elsewhere in the U.S. Department of Energy complex. The solid waste acceptance program ensures that waste sent to these waste management units complies with all environmental, safety, and operational requirements.

This web site describes the Hanford Site program for acceptance of radioactive waste. Information available includes:

Disposal Information - Shipping waste for disposal requires an understanding of the Federal land disposal restrictions, the Toxic Substances Control Act PCB disposal regulations, Washington state regulations, and Hanford permit requirements. This page provides helpful information for sites that are planning to ship waste for disposal at Hanford.

Acceptance Criteria - the technical requirements for acceptance of waste on the Hanford site are described in the Hanford Site Solid Waste Acceptance Criteria (HNF-EP-0063, latest revision).

Acceptance Process - describes how customers can obtain approval to ship radioactive waste to the Hanford Site. There is information on waste stream approval, shipment approval, funding, waste receipt quality assurance program, and information for potential new customers.

Tools - You will find electronic forms, lists of approved products, storage/disposal rates, waste specification records, and other useful information here.

Acceptance Criteria Rev. 20

Points-of-Contact - If you need to talk to someone concerning waste management, you can find the right person here.

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