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Current Hanford Site Solid Waste Acceptance Criteria

In support of the Waste and Fuels Facilities Management Project (WFMP) and Solid Waste Storage and Disposition Facilities (SWSD), revision 17 of HNF-EP-0063, Hanford Site Solid Waste Acceptance Criteria was completed. The changes include:

• Format, grammar changes and rearrangements of text throughout document.
• Updated references throughout the document (i.e., document numbers, company names, year revised and provided email addresses).
• Moved tables to the appropriate section of the document.
• Added and/or removed several acronyms from the Terms Section of the document.
• Added/updated definitions for several terms in the Definition Section.
• Section 1.1, reworded several sentences for clarification.
• Section 1.6, removes W&FMP as the authorizing company and reverts authority to DOE to approve exceptions. Adds that if the exception may pose a regulatory risk to CHPRC, direction will be required from the DOE contracting officer.
• Section 2.3, added TRU waste required to meet current WIPP Waste Acceptance Criteria.
• Section 2.7, added new or expanded requirements for Transuranic Waste
• Section 2.11.1, added additional information for compatibility reviews for TRU and non-TRU waste.
• Section 2.11.5, added bullet for absorbed liquids in TRU waste.
• Appendix A, Section A1, updated conversion for several container sizes.
• Appendix A, Section A1.3, Added thermal power to the equation.
• Appendix A, Section A1.7, updated the “Calculating Dose Equivalent Curies,” section to remove discussion of package factors in determining DE-Ci. This is now consistent with SWOC MDSA and TSR Revisions 10 and 12. Also, included in the SWITS software changes for Rev 12 implementation.
• Appendix D, updated with current Hanford Site procurement requirements.
• Appendix D, Table D-1, added “neutralized” to the 200-TRU Waste section Subgroup.
• Appendix E, added Table E-2, of WIPP-approved absorbents.
• Appendices G and I, revised to require the generator to develop an Interface Waste Management Documents List (IWMDL) and submit facility plans, procedures, and reports associated with current waste management and packaging. Also, added requirements for information related to treatment (e.g., neutralization and absorption).
• Appendix H, Table H-1, updated the approved vent list.

HNF-EP-0063  Revision 17, Hanford Site Solid Waste Acceptance Criteria




Last Updated 11/18/2018 2:18 PM