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Becoming a New Hanford Customer



The DOE Headquarters, and the associated DOE Operations or Field Offices decide whether a given customer can use Hanford Site waste management services. The following is a brief description of the steps for this to happen.


Step 1: The customer requesting approval to use Hanford Site waste management services including disposal must contact their DOE Operations or Field Office Interface and request that the Field Office approach DOE-RL concerning the possible shipment of waste to the Hanford Site. The DOE–RL interface for this activity is Ingrid Siddoway.
Step 2: DOE coordination. The customer’s Field Office and DOE-RL discuss the proposed waste stream(s). Approval from DOE-Headquarters may be required.
Step 3: DOE-RL approval. If DOE-RL determines that management (including disposal) of the waste stream(s) is consistent with all existing Hanford Site agreements and long-term waste management strategies, the customer will be assigned a WRM number by DOE-RL. You are now an "Approved Hanford Customer".

Please note that "existing Hanford Site agreements" mentioned in Step 3 include the settlement agreement between DOE and the State of Washington which resulted in the moratorium of most types of waste from offsite customers pending the Waste Treatment Plant becoming operational.

Should you need any additional assistance with this process or more detailed information, please contact Aprill Jivelekas.





Last Updated 12/06/2020 2:41 PM