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Verification for Waste Acceptance at SWOC


The Hanford Site has a waste receipt quality assurance program (or customer Performance Evaluation System) to ensure that radioactive waste shipped to the Hanford Site is properly characterized and meets the Hanford Site Solid Waste Acceptance Criteria. The Performance Evaluation System is based on waste analysis plans and DOE requirements.

The Performance Evaluation System is performance-based. When consistent problems are found, the Performance Evaluation System is used to identify and implement corrective actions.
Compliance With Radioactive Waste Acceptance Requirements

Determinations for Non-Verifiable Waste

Certain waste streams may not be verifiable because of waste form or As Low As Reasonably Achievable (ALARA) constraints. Non-verifiable waste streams will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, relying on more extensive documentation and certification program review.

Monthly Customer Evaluations

The Hanford acceptance organization performs monthly evaluations to identify trends in performance and to correct waste certification problems before these become severe. Each month, records of any significant deficiencies found during shipment review and receipt verification are evaluated and graded by severity.

Resolution of Conformance Issues

Occasionally, container verification and receipt inspections identify conformance issues. These can range from relatively minor issues (e.g., a mistake in container labeling), to major problems that require processing the waste or rejection of the shipment. When a potential conformance issue is identified, the Waste Management Representative works with you to resolve the problem.

Reducing the Verification Rate

Methods are established to reduce the verification rate of a new waste stream and for waste streams for which the physical screening frequency has increased as a result of conformance issues.

The amount of reduction will be determined during the monthly evaluation process. The following minimum criteria must be met before reduction of the verification rate.

  • Five containers from the stream in question must pass verification.
  • If the rate was increased based on conformance, the Corrective Action Plan must be fully implemented before the customer  will receive a rate reduction.





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