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DOE-RL Contacts
Waste Management and D&D Division
Al Farabee
376-6536 372-1926 Al.farabee@rl.doe.gov
Inter-DOE Work Orders
Terri Hale
376-6161 376-8038 Terri_Y_Hale@rl.gov
CHPRC General Contacts
Waste Management Services
Angie Willette
373-1661 373-1091 Angela_J_Willette@rl.gov
Waste Forecast
Linda Maiden
376-9126 372-1441 Linda_E_Maiden@rl.gov
Waste Acceptance Criteria
Mel Lakes
373-0043 373-1091 Melvin_E_Mel_Lakes@rl.gov
Points of Contact (Waste Management Representatives) for all generators
Please Contact one of the following for your current Waste Management Representative
Angie Willette 373-1661 373-1091 Angela_J_Willette@rl.gov
Rick Austin 372-0678 373-1091 Richard_L_Austin@rl.gov





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