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April 2019 - Revision 18 of the Hanford Site Solid Waste Acceptance Criteria

• A Revision of the Hanford Site Solid Waste Acceptance Criteria has been released. The document can be found on the Acceptance Criteria page.  The effective date of compliance with the new requirements is April 28, 2019.
•Added labeling information in Table C-2 for the Washington State Hazard Labeling and removed the “Major Risk” wording from the Appendix C.
•Transuranic (TRU) waste changes throughout the document to meet current Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (WIPP) Waste Acceptance Criteria.
•Corrosive liquids must be neutralized and sorbed or stabilized.  Liquids that exhibit the characteristic of corrosivity shall have the pH adjusted to be within the range of >2 to <12.5. 
•The Layer of Confinement for Transuranic waste was reduced to four Layer of Confinement.
•Information in Appendix E, Table E-1 and E-2 was updated with WIPP approve absorbents.
•Appendix H, Table H-1 was updated with the approved vent list.
•Hyperlinks were provided for several documents in the reference sections of HNF-EP-0063 Revision 18.



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